Lavorazioni Inox Benedini manufactures smelters for the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Smelters are used to melt raw materials, like fats in cakes or vegetable flakes, intended for the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Our range of smelters includes models of various sizes (10 l to 3000 l) made of Aisi 316L or Aisi 304L stainless steel. Smelters can come in two models:

  • With mixing anchors for mixing solid blocks
  • With dispersion propeller for dispersing powders or melting blocks in the fat stage.

Smelters can be heated with steam, hot water, or diathermic oil via electric heating elements that raise the temperature of the tank’s outer jacket, thus transforming the mixture from solid to liquid.

Every model can be customised based on your needs.

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