Lavorazioni Inox Benedini designs, manufactures, installs, and overhauls stainless steel agitators.

Our agitators are available in different sizes and are exclusively made of Aisi 304L and Aisi 316L stainless steel. Furthermore, they are suitable for use in explosive and hazardous environments and can be provided with the ATEX certification upon request. Our agitators can mix:
  • Liquids with other liquids
  • Liquids with other suspended solids
  • Heterogeneous-Phase Reactions.
Based on the intended use, you can also opt for horizontal or vertical agitators consisting of:
  • Electric motor
  • Reducer
  • Bearing lantern
  • Seal unit
  • Coupling flange
  • Shaft
  • Under-flange joint
  • Impeller.
Moreover, our agitators can be customised based on the size you need and the substance to be mixed. You can also request special finishes, such as polishing, satin finish, passivating for stainless steel and painting for carbon steel models.
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